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Overall i am extremely happy with the results. Before picture (actually a little worse b/c that is after a couple of the last two months was my diet and cardio

Overall i am extremely happy with the results. Before picture (actually a little worse b/c that is after a couple of the last two months was my diet and cardio followed by steroids. Reply With", 04:37 PM #22 if this guy is 5 foot I see the 145, but 90- pounds, 2 heart attack later maybe! Reply With", 02:58 PM #19 I think he meant 245. Measure your waist and use the online calculator at the main site. I wanna see those pics goddamnit. I will be doing the super cutting cycle now and will post pics when i am finished. Reply With", 01:12 PM #17 Originally Posted by zeus009 holy shit brah i was going to get off but that dbol transformation is awesome if i got Winstrol (winny) would it be okay to add in with my dbol for a while? I was suggested to try nolva at 40-60 mg's pr day they say it will helo? Your bodyfats is around 5 to 6 percent and maybe less. I am more than pleased with my progress and gains. The first pic your about. Even though I was taking test and winstrol, it wasn't apparent as far as strength goes. If you too are interested in muscle building then you could achieve faster results with the use of roids. This will help you get a better idea on the effectiveness of the anabolic steroids that you are using.

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I got pretty good sleep at nights which has always been a problem for me in the past. Chest - 4 sets dumbell press, 4sets incline dumbell press, flys, dips, and rib strechers (can't think of the real name, works the intercostals) triceps - skull crushers, couple different cable exersices. 5 egg whites and 3 whole eggs with wheat toast for. Win R1000 Cycle send us your before and after Pics, if we post them on our site you will win a cycle worth R1000. If you have any other questions just ask. My arms grew by 4 cms and my bench press went up by 30kgs. I have been reading this forum for about 5 or 6 months now you guys know your stuff and kepte from running a dbol only cycle about a year ago and im glad i listened. I know i should have worked out naturally much more before messin with gear, but im 32 so i said screw. I have clomid and arimidex wondering what dosages should i take for this cycle and the length? Ur a fucking troll. One of the important uses of anabolic steroids is to be seen in bodybuilding. You will, therefore, need to constantly be assessing the effectiveness of your cycle that with a carefully developed before and after steroids chart. And thanks for the k!

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For the first two weeks, at the most, I was also getting headaches and didn't feel as sharp, but all that went away. If that's what you look like 5 months later, I'm not impressed. I cannot believe how good this cycle has been. Reply With", 06:15 PM #4 145 is skin and bones. Re: pics before and after! Reply With", 12:34 PM #14 If you stop taking the sustanon while your sick your test levels are gonna get messed. Only the first time you will go through such a long process, once you have identified the right store, you will be able to get a steady supply of good quality steroid from the trusted store by placing your order in few easy clicks.

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First thing I documentary noticed with test caps 400 is that ridiculous amount of strength gained in my workouts. Yes, though you could order steroids easily online, not all sources sell good quality anabolic steroids. Its kinda nerv racking putting yourself out for critisisim i decanoato feel ya a few months ago i posted pics and i thought everyone was going to bash me and i got the opposite, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. G, reply With", 05:23 PM #2, you ran a dbol/winny cycle for 5 months? I gained over 25 lbs on that cycle and kept most of the amazing strength gains. I eat a lb of raw salmon ed with sushi rice and a lb of red roastbeef (i would put it on a rool anabolic with a piece of cheese) i found i had more strength. Mhm Reply With", 04:36 PM #21 im gonna die holy shite. Would love to hear details. Nothing drastic either way. What did you run for test? I put this on someone elses thread but the should get the answers they are looking for and i dont wanna make that thread all about. The results that you obtain will depend very much on the quality of the gear that you are using and the steroid cycles that you are following.