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Learn more in the Cambridge English. Steroid definition: A steroid is a type of chemical substance found in your body. Steroids can be artificially introduced into the bodies of athletes

to improve their. Steroid ; Czech: steroid ; Danish: steroid ; Dutch: sterode; European, spanish. Steroids are used for many things in veterinary medicine. Many translated example sentences containing steroids Spanish -English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. On steroids translation spanish, English, spanish dictionary, meaning, see also steroid example of use, definition, conjugation. I am in mexico but what should i ask for when in the farmacia. Prednisone is a glucocorticoid that s used to treat inflammation, skin conditions, gastrointestinal. I need clomid, anadrol and novladex need the spanish translation. This logical sequence is known as a steroid cycle! Once these two aspects are in check, cutting or fat burner steroids can work effectively. Performance and gain muscle mass when consuming whey protein. It is very important to note, the individual should have some experience with Anadrol cycles before ever trying this as to know with certainty how they respond to the steroid. Are you interested in using, anavar? I can do them, but they will be too confusing? The Sun (2015) The next step usually involves steroid creams.

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Officials are doubtful as to how useful growth hormone or steroids could be to competitors. We may be able to write emails. Create and share your own word natural testosterone lists and quizzes trenbolone acetate 100mg price for free! The Sun primobolan acetate (2014) The other common eczema treatment is steroid cream. Times, Sunday Times (2009) Guys often stop me to ask about my fitness routine and if I take steroids. Times, Sunday Times (2014) A pal spoke out to warn about the dangers of race horse steroids for sale steroid abuse. Times, Sunday Times (2009 treat it with a mild steroid cream. Times, Sunday Times (2008) testosterone cypionate cycle But if the steroid spray is working fine, you can carry on with that. The Sun (2012) I played when rumours of steroid abuse were rife.

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Times, Sunday Times (2009) In a sport in which power and strength play an supplements increasing part, steroid abuse has been more common place. Times, oxymetholone Sunday Times (2009) Some people are tempted to winstrol take anabolic steroids to build their muscle mass, while others use them to improve performance. There is a small misunderstanding about the homework. I am trying to find the article from where I took the sentences in order testosterone to ease the task for all students. Do you think you could do 1000 sentences per working day? The recipe Sun (2011) To fill your system with anabolic steroids to win a race at least has the logic of greed. Times, Sunday Times (2016) While classified as a vitamin, it is a steroid hormone vital to health. The Sun (2010) The first consideration was whether this might be a case of excessive steroid abuse - but that was easily tested. Times, Sunday Times (2015) The main effect that body builders want is a boost of muscle mass, and anabolic steroids help you get big, fast. Erdmann, Robert Jones, Meirion Fats, Nutrition and Health (1991) The Russian was subsequently found to have taken steroids in 2009 and received a ban but was allowed to keep her gold medal. Times, Sunday Times (2012) Unless you take illegal steroids, this is hard for a woman. This is my email address.

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He wants me to take steroids again for a month. Next time I will send longer text messages for you to translate. Steroid translate English to Spanish: Cambridge Dictionary. The Sun (2015) These are called steroid hormones. Times, Sunday Times (2008). Times, Sunday Times (2007 those who suffer all summer should try a steroid nasal spray. The Sun (2014) Continuing on our journey around the body, we will also meet cholesterol in the glands as it is the derivative of a number of steroid hormones. The words will mostly be easy. I am testosterona giving it because I rarely online at Vocabulix! This steroids disappeared after a steroid cream was applied. The Sun (2014 the trouble is that a lot of the nasal sprays have steroids which can be a problem. This way we could finish quickly. Cambridge dictionaries logo, follow us steroid noun uk /ste.

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Sign up now, log in, more translations of steroid in Spanish. MacEoin, Beth Healthy By Nature (1994) But steroid sprays are good if you need regular treatment. Times, Sunday Times (2013 steroids he was flatly against the steroids use of anabolic steroids by athletes. Times, Sunday Times (2013). Holford, Patrick The Family Nutrition Workbook (1988) Unlike his predecessor, he has publicised the results of all drug tests and banned for life those who have taken anavar anabolic steroids. I would prefer full sentences and not just short clauses with the article, the noun and an adverb/adjective. Steroid - Translation to, spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Translate the word steroid to, spanish. The dictionary languages are English. Steroid translate: esteroide, esteroide, esteroide.